Educational Counselling / Special Needs

1.School success

We assess and determine the current situation of a child;

Design and implement an individual program to potentiate school achievement (considering strengths/weaknesses, lifestyles, family/school environment, specific needs);

Continually observe/monitor the progress taking place, in regards to the targets set.

We seek to cooperate with the family, as possible, and can Coordinate with school/teachers, when advisable.

2. Social Integration:

We offer counselling (for both children and parents) towards social adjustment in several areas: relating to peers,

communicating assertively, dealing with aggression, adapting to significant changes, relating internationally, etc.

3. Adult Counselling

We offer counselling to adults (independently from any work being carried out with children).

4. Psychological Testing:

We offer I.Q. / Psychological tests, to assess at which stage your child is, in his/her development.

Adult testing is also possible.